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  No.:QCYI/PC-1600S /1800S/2000S
  Item: Double Directions Block Cutting Machine

QCYI/PC-1600S/1800S/2000S uses PLC system and Human-machine Interface, combined with Ultra-high precision rotary encoder to slice, uses inverter to control left-right feeding, adjusts the speed according to the stone material. It uses hydraulic lifting system, and the forward-backward slicing uses high-precision screw nut driving, main spare parts adopt imported good-quality materials; Combined with horizontal blade designing, cutting the sheet roots of plates directly, eliminating the trouble of unloading plate manually, improving efficiency. Horizontal Blade uses hydraulic system, up-down rising uses guide system, which is more reasonable and stable. Thus the whole machine is featured with high cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, flatness of plate after cutting, high stability, easy-operating to suit granite and marble block with high value.   

Appellation unit QCYI/PC-1600S /1800S/2000S
Max.blade diameter mm 1600/1800/2000
Max.vertical length mm 4000/3800/3600
Max.worktable width mm 2200
Max.Lifting stroke mm 1350
Saw blade diameter of horizontal cutting mm F400
Max.vertical stroke of main column of horizonal cutting mm 750/850/950
Main generator power of horizontal cutting kw 15
Water consumption m3/h 10
Power of main motor(optional) kw 75/90
Total power kw 100/115
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 8000x4400x3700(base to highest point)
Total power kg 13000

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