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  Item:Diamond Core Drill Bit Segments

Product Description

1. Core Drill Bit Segments Application:

Drilling Reinforced concrete, Green Concrete Asphalt, Cinder Bricks etc, such as Road, Wall, Bridge Beam, Tub etc.

2. Core Drill Bit Segments Specifications:

Drill Type  Diameter x Length (mm) Segment Specification (mm) Segment type
Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Asphalt 26x300 24x3.5x10 laser welding / silver-brazed
28x300 24x3.5x10
30x300 24x3.5x10
32x300 24x3.5x10
36x300 24x3.5x10
40x300 24x3.5x10
45x300 24x3.5x10
52x450 24x3.5x10
72x450 24x3.5x10
76x450 24x3.5x10
82x450 24x3.5x10
87x450 24x3.5x10
92x450 24x3.5x10
102x450 24x3.5x10
107x450 24x3.5x10
112x450 24x3.5x10
117x450 24x3.5x10
122x450 24x3.5x10
127x450 24x3.5x10
132x450 24x4.0x10
142x450 24x4.0x10
152x450 24x4.0x10
162x450 24x4.0x10
172x450 24x4.0x10
182x450 24x4.0x10
187x450 24x4.0x10
200x450 24x4.5x10
225x450 24x4.5x10
250x450 24x4.5x10
300x450 24x4.5x10
350x450 24x4.5x10
400x450 24x4.5x10
450x450 24x4.5x10

Other specification are available upon request. 

3. More Images of Core Drill Bit Segments:

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: PVC Shrinking Belt+Standard Carton 
Shipment: By Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL, By Air, or By Sea.
Estimated Time of Delivery: 1- 2 Weeks 

Our Service

1. All Concrete Cutting, Drilling and Grinding diamond tools are offered;
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