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  Item:Diamond Segments for Marble Circular Blade

Product Description

1. Characteristics

(1) Marble Diamond segments are mainly used for cutting all kinds of marble blocks.
(2) Diamond segment use high quality emery and special mixture. 
(3) Saw blade segment is good sharp, fast cutting speed without chipping, stable performance and long lifespan.
(4)The segment welding way is silver soldering, makes it more firmly on the blank.
(5) Mature production process ans strict product quality inspection processes.
(6) Applicable Machine: Multi-blades marble block cutting machine, single blade marble block cutting machine. 
(7) Perfect after-sale service, if you has any problem, contact us anytime.
(8) No matter what the shapes segments, the aims to obtain a good cooling and easy flush away the chipping. Diamonds and bonding the outer and inner layers are carefully designed to ensure cutting stability.
Please inform us the stones you cut, the specification and your requirements when you want to order the above mentioned segments.

2. Specification

Cutting Type Diameter (mm) Steel core (mm) Segment Dimension (mm) Segment Number
Marble Dia 900 5 24x7.5x12/15 64
Dia 1000 5 24x7.5x12/15 70
Dia 1200 5.5 24x8.0x12/15 80
Dia 1400 6 24x8.5x12/15 92
Dia 1600 7 24x9.5x12/15 108
Dia 1800 7.5 24x10x12/15 120
Dia 2000 8 24x11x12/15 128
Dia 2200 8 24x11x12/15 132
Dia 2500 9 24x12.5x12/15 140
Dia 2700 9 24x12.5x12/15 140
Dia 3000 9.3 24x13x12/15 160
Remark: Other specifications are available upon request.

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