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  Item:Infrared bridge type edge cutting machine
Product Description

Item: QCYI-600 Infrared Fully Automatic Bridge Type Edge Cutting Machine

This machine is mainly used in processing granite, marble, man-made stone and microcrystal stone etc, for cutting slab into tiles.The working table can rotate within the range of-360 degree in the horizontal direction,and rotates,within of -85 degree in the veitical direction .The integrated design gives the machine more advantages,such as occupying samll space,easy installation and debugging, high precision,stable perfor-mance,easy operation and so on. It is especially available in the plants that are often moved here and there.

Technical character

Structure and Characteristic:   

1. Controlled by PLC, operated expediently accurately and stably    
2. The support guide way adopts the imported linear guide way to make sure high precision and longlife
3. The main parts and components of the machine (such as frequency converter, magnetic rule, laser reticule apparatus.) are all of imported good quality material, thus ensuring high precision, stable performance, good adaptablity as well as high reliablity of the whole machine

Parameter Unit QCYI-600
Blade diameter mm F400-F600
Blade vertical stroke mm 380
Size of cutting table mm 3200*2000
Cutting table rotation range degree 90/360
Worktable upturning angle degree 0- 85
Main motor power kw 18.5
Feeding motor kw 1.5
Slicing motor kw 1.1
Dimension mm 5870*4700*2720
Weight kg 6000

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