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  Item:CNC Wire Saw Machine
Product description
This machine major in cutting slabs and make profiling on granite and marble. It can cut different sizes of straight slab, arc slab, solid columns and hollow columns and large-scale stone line, letter etc
Technical information
Parameter QCXE-1200 QCXE-1500 QCXE-1800 QCXE-2200
Wire Diameter Dia. 7.3-11.0 mm Dia. 7.3-11.0 mm Dia. 7.3-11.0 mm Dia. 7.3-11.0 mm
Wire Length 12000mm 18100mm 19300 mm 21350 mm
Wire  Speed 28.5m/s 28.5m/s 28.5m/s 28.5m/s
Lifting Travel of Cutter 1300mm 1600 mm 1900 mm 2200 mm
 Maximum Cutting Block Size (Left-Right x Front-Back x Up-Down)  1500x2000x1200mm 3500X2000X1500 mm 3600X2000X1800mm 3600X2000X2100mm
Maximum Cutting Slab Size (Left-Righ x Up-Down) 1500x1200mm 3500x1500mm 3600x1800mm 3600x2100mm
Production Capacity 1-2 m2/h(marble) 1-2 m2/h(marble) 1-2 m2/h(marble) 1-2 m2/h(marble)
0.5-1 m2/h(granite) 0.5-1 m2/h(granite)  0.5-1 m2/h(granite)  0.5-1 m2/h(granite) 
Overall Demision 6000x5000x4100mm 8200x5600x3800mm 8800x6800x4800mm  9800x7000x5200mm 
Total Weight 5T 7T 10.5T 14T
Total Power 13.38KW 19.38KW 19.38KW 24.03KW
Working Table Rotation No No No 360 Degree
Packaging: fumigated wood box packing
Shipping:by sea, loaded in a 1*20'GP/1*40'GP/1*40'HQ
Delivery: 4 weeks from order confirmed
Our Services
1. Installation and engineer service available overseas.
2.Keep suppying spare parts

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